Our Chef

Head Chef Wilson So from Hong Kong had culinary influences from his father, who was also a chef. He entered this field at a young age, with over 20 years of experience before hitting age 40. Having worked under a Michelin-starred maestro and several five-star chefs, he has developed solid techniques that are backed with unique perspectives. At age 35, he already became the Chinese Head Chef of an international five-star hotel in Taipei.

Chef So specializes in Cantonese cuisine but is familiar with other Chinese specialties. He focuses on using fresh ingredients, traditional flavors when adding on his innovations. These special touches present a modern flair to his creations, in the form of trendy plating and exquisite flavors. His Moon Pavilion’s Menu showcases from traditional double-boiled soups to trendy Cantonese dim sum and colorful Szechuan & Hunan dishes, making him the talk of New Banqiao foodie circle!